Strength Ball Training for Sports Performance



Develop strength, balance, and power for improved sports performance. Strength Ball Training for Sports Performance E Book combines expert instruction, exercise descriptions with illustrations, and sample strength ball training programs within the covers of this book.


Sean Cochran one of the most recognized sports performance coaches with over 15 years of experience at the highest level of two professional sports, demonstrates over 100 medicine ball and stability ball exercises to develop flexibility, joint mobility, core strength, endurance, and total body power.


This E book brings to life the versatility and benefits of the medicine ball, stability ball, and how these pieces of equipment can train your body for improved sports performance. A wide spectrum of exercises, progressions, and sample training programs are found within the covers of this book providing any reader the materials needed to develop a strength and conditioning program to improve their base athleticism.


Whether you are an amateur athlete, professional, weekend warrior, or fitness professional, Strength Ball Training for Sports Performance is the ideal resource for cutting edge information, exercises, and training programs for the betterment of your game. Take the next step to improved performance with Sean Cochran and Strength Ball Training for Sports Performance.


E Book Table of Contents


  • Chapter One: Conditioning Program Basics
  • Chapter Two: Training Principles and Guidelines
  • Chapter Three: Strength Ball Training for Sports
  • Chapter Four: Functional Warm Up Exercises
  • Chapter Five: Pillar Strength Exercises
  • Chapter Six: Functional Strength Exercises
  • Chapter Seven: Power Exercises
  • Chapter Eight: Strength Ball Training Programs