Performance Training for Golf



Do you want to drive the golf ball farther, improve your golf game, lower your handicap, and simply play better golf?


PGA Tour Golf Fitness Trainer and Sports Performance Coach Sean Cochran has the answers for you!


Drive the golf ball farther, increase your swing speeds, reduce lower back injuries, play longer and better.


Ready to Work with the Trainer of PGA Tour Pros Mickelson, Pavin, & Faxon


Sports performance coach Sean Cochran, one of the most recognized golf fitness trainers on the PGA Tour today with over 15 years of work in professional athletics will provide you with the exercises to develop clubhead speed, increase your flexibility, and reduce lower back injuries.


In his new Performance Training for Golf E Book, Sean has taken his years of experience working with top PGA Tour players, his knowledge of strength and conditioning, continued education in exercise science, and work with 100’s of amateur golfers and brought it all together to help you improve your golf game.


More clubhead speed, longer drivers, less lower back injuries, more flexibility, and a better game can be yours with the golf fitness exercises and programs found in this book…


This book contains over 200 pages of golf specific flexibility, mobility, core, and power exercises to improve your game.


Inside, Sean provides detailed exercise instruction and pictures including…

  • Flexibility exercises for improved hip mobility
  • Core training programs to improve lower back strength
  • Power exercises to increase speed in the golf swing
  • Sample golf fitness programs


Sean will teach you the flexibility exercises he uses with his PGA Tour professionals, medicine ball exercises for increased rotational speed in the swing, core exercises to prevent lower back injuries, and how to organize your training program for the greatest benefits for the time spent training your body.


In addition to the golf fitness exercises and programming, Sean provides detailed information on the biomechanics of the golf swing, phases of the golf swing, and assessments to assist in the individualization of your golf fitness training program.


See What Golfers are Saying About Sean’s Golf Fitness Programs:


I’ve found that if I want to stay on top of my game it is through playing. The only way my body has been able to sustain the weekly playing has been through applying Sean’s stretching and strengthening techniques. I’m down to a 12 handicap, and was able to do that in a little over 2 years of playing and by using Sean’s golf fitness training.” – Tom B, Irvine, CA


I have been using Sean’s programs for over a year and I am now playing some the best golf of my life. I had never been a straight driver of the golf ball and this program has given me balance and core strength to drive it straighter and longer. My overall game is as consistent as it has ever been. I feel stronger, have more endurance and have never enjoyed the game more! Thanks.” – Chip C. San Diego, CA


Sean – Your programs are a great benefit to myself. These programs have not only improved my golf game but have improved my general fitness levels. As a former professional athlete I understand the importance of strength training, conditioning, and injury prevention. I have found your training programs to address all of these needs of the professional athlete. I would recommend your training to any serious amateur or professional athlete.” – Jim B. Philadelphia, PA


Take advantage of Sean’s expertise and experience in helping you play better golf starting today!


E Book Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: Biomechanics of the Golf Swing
  • Chapter 2: Exercise Science
  • Chapter 3: Training Principles
  • Chapter 4: Assessment
  • Chapter 5: Mobility & Flexibility Exercises
  • Chapter 6: Corrective & Warm Up Exercises
  • Chapter 7: Balance Exercises
  • Chapter 8: Power Training
  • Chapter 9: Core Exercises
  • Chapter 10: Functional Strength Exercises
  • Chapter 11: Anaerobic Training, Aerobics, Nutrition, & Recovery
  • Chapter 12: Strength & Conditioning Programs