Fit to Hit



Fit to Hit E Book changes the landscape of athletic conditioning and performance training for the sport of baseball. This groundbreaking work presents the latest and most effective philosophies, protocols and programming for the sport of baseball from Performance Coach Sean Cochran.


Players are getting faster, stronger, and more powerful every season, and conditioning programs at the Major League Level are at all time high. The MLB players now more than ever before in the history of game are training and conditioning to a higher level for improved performance at the plate and in the field.


Sean Cochran with his over 15 years of experience in professional athletics, positions with 2 MLB organizations, the training of multiple world renowned athletes, and multiple 1st round draft choices will provide you the tools as a ball player needed to excel in this game.


Over 200 pages of baseball specific information are found between the covers of this book, covering everything from the biomechanics of hitting to speed and agility training for the sport of baseball. Every exercise, training protocol, and programming piece you need to advance your playing career are provided by Sean in this book.


In addition to the over 90 baseball specific flexibility, strength, and power exercises found in Fit to Hit E Book Sean provides you assessments tools to determine your current conditioning levels, sample strength and conditioning programs, and detailed SAQ drills.


Whether you are a baseball player or a coach working with baseball players, Fit to Hit  is the definitive guide for developing all aspects of athletic performance for the sport of baseball. Move your game to the next level with the help of Sean and Fit to Hit starting today!


E Book Table of Contents


  • Chapter One: Biomechanics of Hitting
  • Chapter Two: Guidelines to Baseball Training
  • Chapter Three: Baseball Training Principles
  • Chapter Four: Baseball Assessment
  • Chapter Five: Functional Warm-Up Exercises
  • Chapter Six: Flexibility Exercises
  • Chapter Seven: Balance Exercises
  • Chapter Eight: Pillar Strength Exercises
  • Chapter Nine: Functional Strength Exercises
  • Chapter Ten: Power Exercises
  • Chapter Eleven: Speed, Agility, Quickness
  • Chapter Twelve: Strength & Conditioning Programs