Core Training for Sports Performance



Unleash your potential as an athlete starting today with Core Training for Sports Performance. Regardless if you are high school, collegiate, professional athlete, avid amateur, or weekend warrior training for results makes you a winner.


One of those keys to winning on the course, diamond, pitch, court, or field is a strong, powerful, and stable core. The core is the engine of the body, and a well conditioned core is a necessity for success at any level of competition.


Sean Cochran one of the most recognized sports performance coaches today with over 15 years of experience in professional athletics unlocks the keys of core training to increase your swings speeds, bat speeds, tennis serves, volleyball serves, and much, much more in his Core Training for Sports Performance book. Inside you’ll learn:


  • How the core functions to generate speed, power, and improve sports performance
  • The processes of how to avoid injuries to the lower back
  • Assessments and testing techniques to assist in developing individualized core training programs
  • Functional anatomy to help understand the importance of the core in the athlete
  • Program design concepts to pick and choose the right exercises for you
  • Sample core performance programs for your sport
  • Over 50 of the most effective core performance exercises utilized in sports today


Photos, detailed exercise descriptions, and sample core programs provide you every tool as an athlete needed to execute a scientifically proven core program to achieve your goals. If you are serious about your sport, want to get better, and achieve more take the next step with Sean Cochran and his Core Training for Sports Performance.


E Book Table of Contents


  • Chapter One: Core Anatomy
  • Chapter Two: Exercise Science
  • Chapter Three: Training Guidelines
  • Chapter Four: Assessment
  • Chapter Five: Level Once Core Exercises
  • Chapter Six: Level Two Core Exercises
  • Chapter Seven: Level Three Core Exercises
  • Chapter Eight: Power Exercises
  • Chapter Nine: Core Programming
  • Chapter Ten: Core Training for Sports