Complete Conditioning for Pitchers



Increasing velocity, the ability to pitch every fifth day, and how to avoid the “DL” are all questions ask by the MLB pitcher. Today’s baseball players in general are stronger, quicker, and more powerful than players even a decade ago.


The workloads are high on the pitcher, the number of pitches thrown from the days of little league to the big leagues are greater, and the number of arm injuries appears to have increased dramatically at every level of the game. It is obvious the workloads and stresses on the pitcher are higher today than ever before.


As a result the questions begin to arise on how can a pitcher stay healthy, maintain high level workloads, and develop in a successful manner from the high school to the professional ranks. Complete Conditioning for Pitchers E Book has the answers to these questions and many more.


Complete Conditioning for Pitchers E Book written by performance coach Sean Cochran answers these questions and many more about what is the proper way to prepare the body for pitching. Sean with his over 15 years of experience in professional athletics, positions with 2 MLB organizations, the training of multiple world renowned athletes, and multiple 1st round draft choices will provide you the tools as a ball player needed to excel in this game.


Over 215 pages of information within the covers of this book explain and illustrate the proper guidelines, exercises, and programs to follow when developing a pitcher specific strength and conditioning program to allow you optimal performance on the mound and during an entire season.


Not only does Sean provide you the needed exercises and programs to excel as a pitcher, he reviews the biomechanics of the pitching motion, and the needed mobility, flexibility, strength, joint integrity, and endurance required for optimal pitching.


Whether you are a high school pitcher, minor leaguer, big leaguer or a coach working with pitchers, Complete Conditioning for Pitchers is the definitive guide for developing all aspects of a pitcher for long term success on the mound. Move your game to the next level with the help of Sean and Complete Conditioning for Pitchers starting today!


E Book Table of Contents


  • Chapter One: Biomechanics of Pitching
  • Chapter Two: Guidelines to Baseball Training
  • Chapter Three: Strength and Conditioning Principles
  • Chapter Four: Baseball Assessment
  • Chapter Five: Functional Warm-Up Exercises
  • Chapter Six: Flexibility Exercises
  • Chapter Seven: Balance Exercises
  • Chapter Eight: Pillar Strength Exercises
  • Chapter Nine: Joint Integrity Exercises
  • Chapter Ten: Functional Strength Exercises
  • Chapter Eleven: Power Exercises
  • Chapter Twelve: Anaerobic Training, Aerobics, Nutrition, & Recovery
  • Chapter Thirteen: Strength & Conditioning Programs