Take advantage of Sean Cochran’s over 17 years of experience in professional athletics and 20 years in the health and fitness industry. He provides hands-on science based sports performance training, long term athletic development, executive athlete training, and biomechanical analyzation of human movement. Sean and his staff are also available for sports performance consulting to organizations, teams, and colleges seeking a step up on the competition.


Access Sean and his experience in the biomechanical analyzation of athletic movements of the rotary athlete. Allow Sean through 3-D motion analysis technology determine the efficiencies or inefficiencies in your hitting, pitching, or throwing motion. Complete the loop of training, learning ,and advancement as an athlete with a science base instructional tool analyzing your current motion to the top athlete’s in the world.


SCSP is a science based training facility focused on the athlete, executive, team, or organization seeking sustainable success. Through a process of science based assessments, performance testing, biomechanical analysis, and nutritional evaluation. A plan is developed and then executed for optimal results and long term success. The backbone of SCSP is performance technology, analyzation, equipment, and science based programming.


Sean Cochran has been instrumental in the dispersion of information on science based sports performance training, biomechanics, athlete coaching, and long term athlete development.  An author of over 10 print publications, curriculum developer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, advisory board member to K-Vest biomechanics, and global educational presenter. Sean is at the forefront in the advancement of science based performance training and athletic development.

Sean Cochran – Human Performance and Sports Science Expert

Sean Cochran is a exercise physiologist, author, educator, biomechanist,  and researcher. He is a very well known sports science and human performance coach with an extensive background in biomechanics and training the elite level athlete. Sean’s career in professional athletics has spanned over 18 years with top positions in Major League Baseball and on the PGA Tour. Over the span of his career as a sports performance coach Sean has had the opportunity to work with Hall of Fame Pitcher Trevor Hoffman, World Series MVP Cole Hamels, Cy Young Award Winners Barry Zito and Jake Peavy, 3-time Masters Champion Phil Mickelson, U.S. Open Champion Corey Pavin, Senior U.S. Open Champion Peter Jacobsen, PGA Tour Winner Matt Kuchar, and LPGA Winners IK Kim, Hee Won Han, and Jennifer Johnson.

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In addition to his work in professional athletics, the training of top collegiate, and high school athletes, Sean has authored over 10 books and produced numerous training videos. He has served as a corporate ambassador to American Express, the PGA of America, and a consultant to K-Vest Biomechanics, TRX Suspension Training, and Power Plate Acceleration Training. Sean currently assists a number Major League Baseball organizations including the Seattle Mariner, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Cub in the areas of biomechanical analysis and sports science initiatives. Sean is a presenter at numerous educational seminars around the globe including the world renown Titleist Performance Institute.


Sean attended the University of San Diego for his bachelor’s degree and Concordia University for his master’s studies. He holds certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, United States Weightlifting Federation, Titleist Performance Institute, and maintains a 3rd Degree Black Belt from the International Tae Kwon Do Federation.


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  • 9 Professional Golf Major Championships
  • 2 CY Young Award Winners
  • 7 MLB All Stars
  • 5 Ryder Cup Team Members
  • 6 President’s Cup Team Members
  • 8 first round MLB Draft Choices
  • Multiple PGA Tour & LPGA Tour Winners
  • Numerous MLB Draft Choices
  • Multiple Division I Athletic Scholarship Recipients
  • 100% Collegiate Athlete Placement Rate


  • Complete Conditioning for Pitchers
  • Fit to Hit
  • Core Training for Sports Performance
  • Performance Training for Golf
  • Strength Ball Training for Sports Performance
  • Success in Professional Athletics
  • NASM Golf Fitness Specialist
  • Core Golf Fitness
  • Golf Fitness Over Fifty
  • Junior Golf Fitness
  • Complete Conditioning for Martial Arts
  • Stronger Arms & Upper Body


  • Golf Digest Magazine – January 2020
    The 50 best golf-fitness trainers in America by Ron Kaspriski If you’re interested in getting “golf fit,” you’re in the right place. After closely examining hundreds of applicants, a panel of 10 of the most respected experts in golf fitness (see below) have selected the top 50 trainers in the United States. (They actually selected 52; there was a three-way tie for the last spot.) Unlike our first fitness ranking in 2017, which included professionals in all aspects of wellness, this list focuses solely on trainers. That means you can get a workout from anyone listed here. (It also means some top trainers were omitted as they work almost exclusively with tour pros.) “We wanted this list to be about the trainers in the trenches, the ones who can and sometimes do work with tour pros, and can make a 65-year-old with spinal stenosis play and feel better,” says Golf Digest fitness advisor Ben Shear. Read More
  • The Wall Street Journal – April 2018

    How Phil Mickelson Can Defy Age to Win the Masters - The 47-year-old has maintained his power better than most golfers do in the twilight of their careers with a swing that limits the physical toll on his body.

    By Brian Costa With an average length off the tee of around 300 yards this season, Mickelson is driving the ball about 10 yards longer than he did in 2013, when he last won a major. He’s a longer hitter than some of the best young players in the world, including Jordan Spieth. His swing, clocked at an average speed of 116 mph, is faster than that of Rickie Fowler, another top player two decades younger. “It’s not what the athlete looks like,” said Mickelson’s longtime trainer, Sean Cochran. “It’s how they perform—week after week, year after year.” “The longevity of careers are different,” said Mickelson. “This is another effect that Tiger had on the game of golf as far as being aware of fitness, and more specifically golf fitness now. It has allowed me to elongate my career because of that.” Mickelson first hired Cochran, a former strength coach for the San Diego Padres, in 2003. One reason was just to get stronger. “The other reason was to keep up with Tiger,” Cochran said. “At that time, Tiger was blowing everybody away.” “It’s a very efficient swing,” Cochran said. “The more efficient your swing is, the less work your body has to do to execute it.” Read More  
    Phil Mickelson Talks Winning, Tiger, and His Future By Phil Mickelson and Dan Patrick "I've worked hard to strengthen all the muscles that support my spine, my knees, and my shoulders to help elongate my career. And my trainer Sean Cochran has been very good at that..." - Phil Mickelson READ MORE