Bunkered Magazine – May 2023

17 May Bunkered Magazine – May 2023

Meet the man who got Phil Mickelson into his best shape ever

by Sean Cochran and Ben Parsons

“I leave it up to the players for what works best for them. They know their bodies. In the off season with no competitions, we’re in the gym four times a week for about 90 minutes.

In season, it’s 45-60 minutes and we drop it down to three times a week. The program is broken down into mobility, flexibility and exercise. We work on joint mobility and muscular flexibility. Once we focus on those two phases of the training, then we do some strengthening work for the hips, shoulders and focus on the core. Then we go to power training, lower body, upper body and rotary power training and then we finish with total body strength training which would be lower extremities and upper extremities. That’s how we section it out.”

“I try to provide the information I give to my professional athletes to the general population. I feel one of the largest challenges for the amateur golfer is being provided the correct information on how to train and how to improve yourself. That’s what I do.” – Sean Cochran

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