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  • Step Loading Strategies for the Athletic Population

    Loading strategies directly affect the process of improvement in performance within the athletic population. The overall workloads of the athlete over the course of specified period of time must increase on a gradual basis and be manipulated over this time period in order for physiological performance characteristics to improve (Bompa & Buzzichelli, 2019). The manipulations and variations in workloads and invariably load, are based upon physiological, cognitive, and psychological components of the athlete in addition to training experience, and competitive......

  • An Overview of Speed, Acceleration, & Reaction Time for Sport

    Speed, acceleration, and reaction time are all components of many sports. These sports can include field-based team sports as well as individual sports such as tennis. Each one of these components are integral in performance of a team and the individual athlete. The development of these three components are major drivers in the overall physiological preparation for success in competition. It must be recognized athletes of varying sports require differing requirements of speed, acceleration, and reaction time. Taking this concept,......

  • A Brief Synopsis of Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine monohydrate is a dietary supplement utilized by the athletic and general populations. The dietary supplement is a popular, commercially marketed sports supplement which proposes to facilitate ATP production in high intensity, short duration physical activities (Ransone, Lefavi, Jacobson, 2002). Most of the current literature on creatine monohydrate has investigated the benefits of this supplement from a physiological perspective, it has also shown to improve cognitive parameters (Machek & Bagley, 2018). Creatine is a naturally occurring compound which can be......