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  • A Brief Upper Extremity Anatomical Overview of The Pitching Motion

    The Biomechanical motion of pitching involves utilization of the entire kinetic chain to deliver the baseball at a high level of velocity with accuracy. The completion of this motion requires involvement of lower extremities, pelvis, torso, and upper extremities to execute. It is imperative from a performance and injury preventative perspective to understand the complexity of the overhand throwing motion. The overhead throwing motion of pitching is typically separated into phases from start to finish during the analysis of this......

  • Power Signatures of the Rotary Athlete

    It is the goal of most every golfer, pitcher, hitter, or any rotary based athlete for that matter to swing faster, throw harder, or generate more bat speed. It is basically a fact the greater amounts of speed these athletes generate the propensity for success increases. For example, a study a number of years back by the Titleist Performance Institute found the only statistic measured on the PGA Tour equating to increased earnings was driving distance. No other statistic from......

  • Pelvis Power in the Rotary Athlete

    Understanding the kinematics of the rotary athlete assists in determining efficiencies, inefficiencies, and power sources with the throwing and striking motion. The hitting, throwing, and swinging motion all have a very common signature as it pertains to the pelvis action relative to efficient energy translation and power development. Regardless if you are position player in baseball, tennis athlete, pitcher, or golfer, research indicates all of these athletes have similar kinematic sequences and invariably show a very similar anterior to posterior......