Physio-Ball Forearm Saws Perfomance Exercise

02 Sep Physio-Ball Forearm Saws Perfomance Exercise

The development of segmental stability or sometimes referred to as pillar strength is integral in the overall development of the athlete. Limitations in segmental stability within the lumbo/pelvic/hip complex can adversely affect sports performance.

Improves Your: Pillar strength

Target Area: Musculature of the lumbo/pelvic/hip complex

Why It’s Important: Segmental stabilization within the lumbo/pelvic/hip complex is integral for the athlete in the maintenance of postural positions in sport, the transfer of speed through the kinetic chain, and the generation of rotary speed.

The Common Problem: The athlete will be limited in terms of the stabilization capacities within the lumbo/pelvic/hip complex. The result of this dysfunction is an inability to stabilize this segment of the kinetic chain, resulting in poor postural position, limited transfers of speed within the kinetic chain, lower rotational power outputs, and in general less than optimal performances during competition.

The Solution: Improving the segmental stabilization capacities of the lumbo/pelvic/hip complex through the implementation of pillar strength exercises within a comprehensive strength and conditioning program.

Physio-Ball Forearm Saws

Set Up:

  • Position your body directly in front of the stability ball with both knees on the floor
  • Place the forearms on top of the stability ball with the elbows bent at 90 degrees
  • Elevate your body into a standard push-up position


  • Slowly roll the forearms forward on the stability ball while maintaining a plank position with the body
  • Roll the forearms outward as far forward as possible
  • Immediately reverse the movement of the forearms pulling the elbows in towards your chest
  • Repeat the movement forward and back with the forearms for 10-20 repetitions


About Performance Coach Sean Cochran: Sean Cochran, one of the most recognized performance coaches in sports today. A career spanning positions with 2 major league baseball organizations, over 10 years on the PGA Tour and work with top professionals including three-time Masters, PGA, and British Open Champion Phil Mickelson, future hall of famer Trevor Hoffman, and Cy Young award winner Jake Peavy. He has been involved in the production of numerous performance videos and authored books including; Performance Golf Fitness, Complete Conditioning for Martial Arts, and Fit to Hit. He has been a presenter of educational seminars for numerous organizations including the world renowned Titleist Performance Institute.