Goblet Squat Sports Performance Exercise

14 Apr Goblet Squat Sports Performance Exercise

The rotary athlete in baseball, golf, tennis, softball, or tennis all require lower body strength. Lower body strength creates a base for the development of ground reaction forces, generation of power, and is a base for improvements in quickness, speed, and agility.

Developing lower body strength bilaterally and unilaterally is an important segment of an athlete’s strength and conditioning program. It is imperative this strength is developed in knee dominant push patterns and hip dominant pull patterns.

Improves Your: Lower Body Bilateral Push Strength

Target Area: Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Quadriceps, Sartorius

Why Its’ Important: The ability of the athlete to generate ground reaction forces, maintain athletic positions, change directions, accelerate, and generate power requires lower body strength.

The Common Problem: An athlete lacking lower body strength may struggle maintaining the postural positions required in rotary sports. In addition limitations may be seen in the development of power, ground reaction forces, speed, and change of direction.

The Solution: A comprehensive strength and conditioning program where lower body bilateral and unilateral strength is developed in both knee dominant and hip dominant movement patterns.

Goblet Squat

Set Up:

  • Grasp a dumbbell with both hands in front the chest
  • Rest the dumbbell in the palms of both hands, and elbows pointing down
  • Place the feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointed outward at 45 degrees
  • Maintain an upright torso with the eyes looking forward



  • Slowly lower the hips while keeping the torso upright by bending the knees
  • Continue to squat downward until the thighs are parallel to the floor
  • Pause for one second, return to the starting position of the exercise, and repeat
  • Keep the torso upright and heels on the floor throughout the entire exercise


About Performance Coach Sean Cochran: Sean Cochran, one of the most recognized performance coaches in sports today. A career spanning positions with 2 major league baseball organizations, over 10 years on the PGA Tour and work with top professionals including three-time Masters, PGA, and British Open Champion Phil Mickelson, future hall of famer Trevor Hoffman, and Cy Young award winner Jake Peavy. He has been involved in the production of numerous performance videos and authored books including; Performance Golf Fitness, Complete Conditioning for Martial Arts, and Fit to Hit. He has been a presenter of educational seminars for numerous organizations including the world renowned Titleist Performance Institute.