Bosu Ball Mountain Climber with Rotation

11 Jul Bosu Ball Mountain Climber with Rotation

The ability of the core to efficiently transfer energy through the kinetic chain, generate power, and maintain postural positioning during athletic actions requires segmental stabilization. Segmental stabilization is the ability of any system to remain unchanged or aligned in the presence of outside forces.

Segmental stabilization is contingent upon strength development within the muscular system and efficiency within the neural system. It is the combination of these two physical components which allow for the kinetic chain to achieve the aforementioned requirements of athletic actions.

One segment of the kinetic chain requiring segmental stabilization is commonly referred to as the “core”. The core is the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex and is comprised of all the articular, muscular, and neural structures with insertion points on this segment of the kinetic chain.

Why It’s Important: Segmental stabilization of the core is necessary for the rotary athlete as the ability to transfer ground reaction forces to upper extremities, create rotary speed, and maintain postural positioning are contingent upon the core having the strength, endurance, and neural capacities to perform these actions.

Improves Your: Developing segmental stabilization of the core allows for greater efficiency in energy transfer through the kinetic chain, the opportunity to generate higher levels of rotary speed, and the ability to maintain postural alignment for sports performance.

Target Area: Anterior, Lateral, and Posterior Compartment of the Lumbo-Pelvic-Hip Complex.

The Common Problem: The athlete will lack the required levels of segmental stabilization within the lumb0-pelvic-hip complex to maintain efficient movement patterns, the transfer of energy through the kinetic chain efficiently, and maximize rotary speed development. All of which leads to lower performance outputs, and the potential for injury.

The Solution: The implementation of a series of segmental stabilization exercises to develop the musculature of the core to execute the required physical components of the athlete’s chosen sport.

Bosu Ball Mountain Climber with Rotation

Set Up:

  • Position yourself in a standard push up position and back flat
  • Hands positioned on the sides of the Bosu Ball



  • Lift the right leg slightly off the while maintaining a plank position with the body
  • Pull the right knee in towards your chest
  • Continue to pull the right knee in towards the chest as far as possible and rotate the right knee past the center line of the body
  • Return to the starting position of the exercise and repeat the pulling of the knee inward and rotating
  • Perform 8-15 repetitions and repeat with opposite leg


About Performance Coach Sean Cochran: Sean Cochran, one of the most recognized performance coaches in sports today. A career spanning positions with 2 major league baseball organizations, over 10 years on the PGA Tour and work with top professionals including three-time Masters, PGA, and British Open Champion Phil Mickelson, future hall of fame Trevor Hoffman, and Cy Young award winner Jake Peavy provides Sean a proven track record of success.  He has been involved in the production of numerous performance videos and authored books including; Performance Golf Fitness, Complete Conditioning for Martial Arts, and Fit to Hit. He has been a presenter of educational seminars for numerous organizations including the world renown Titleist Performance Institute.