Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tim Crabbe stretches during spring training baseball practice in Goodyear, Ariz., Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

15 Aug Shoulder Health for the Overhead Throwing and Striking Athlete

The glenohumeral joint receives a great deal of attention in professional baseball, and rightfully so. The pitcher and position player repetitively perform an overhead throwing motion during the course of a game. This repetitive movement is a total body action requiring optimal mobility and stability within the structures associated with the glenohumeral joint. Addressing the shoulder goes beyond the baseball athlete and comprises the tennis player, golfer, lacrosse athlete, quarterback in American football, ice hockey player, and basically any throwing or...

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Recreational Golfers

01 Aug Improve Your Game

I have had  the opportunity during my career to work with top PGA Tour professionals, Major champions, LPGA tour winners, Major League Baseball All Stars, the dedicated amateur athlete, and beginner level golfer who just wants to get better. I recognize the talent levels are vastly different between the professional athlete and every day individual though they do have many similarities in common. These commonalities are both mental and physical. Generally speaking the professional athlete has the basic goals of competing...

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Golf Fitness

24 Jul Horizontal Row Performance Exercise

Program design for the recreational to professional athlete and every individual between adheres to certain training principles. This concepts holds true for every component of a strength and conditioning program. Each component within a training program should have a specific purpose and goal in terms of training response. Resistance training has the goal of increasing the strength components of the neuromuscular system. This is achieved by placing the kinetic chain under duress. This state of "duress" is achieved by challenging the...

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Athlete Training

13 Jul The 80-20 Rule of Strength and Conditioning Programs

The 80-20 Rule is one I learned from Strength and Conditioning Coach Mike Boyle. The thought process behind this rule is 80% of the components within a strength and conditioning program are interchangeable between athletes of differing sports. I would agree with this statement 100% as I have work at the top level of two professional sports and coached athletes from a variety of different sports. I can even take this 80-20 rule one step further and project it onto...

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Sean Cochran - Junior Golf Exercise Book

31 May Single Leg Box Jump Performance Exercise

The development of power is integral in the strength and conditioning program of the athlete. A variety of different training modalities can be utilized in the development of the power capacities within the kinetic chain. Typically we can classify power training modalities into two categories: 1) Olympic Lifting and 2) Plyometrics. Olympic Lifting incorporates the utilization of the traditional Olympic weightlifting exercises the snatch and clean and jerk. Hybrids of these two basic lifts can also be included in this...

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