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28 Nov External Pull Dynamic Flexibility Exercise

The process of developing soft tissue extensibility and joint mobility within the kinetic chain requires the inclusion of a varying number of modalities. In general these modalities will address joint range of motion, soft tissue pliability, and extensibility. It is the combination of these varying modalities which will provide the kinetic chain with the appropriate joint ranges of motion to accomplish complex athletic actions associated with the sport. The process by which this goal is achieved is the implementation of flexibility...

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LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 13:  Yasiel Puig #66 of the Los Angeles Dodgers throws the ball during batting practice prior to the MLB game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Dodger Stadium on April 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: 607675509 ORIG FILE ID: 520962710

21 Nov Integrated Performance Training for Throwers and Strikers

The overhead throwing and striking athlete must recognize a strength and conditioning must adhere to specific training principles and include components conducive to injury prevention and athletic development. Understand the baseball, softball, golf, tennis, or volleyball athlete perform a repetitive overhead throwing and rotary action during competition. These kinetic chain patterns require the athlete to encompass certain components week in and week out in order to address all the mobility, strength, and power requirements associated with the athletic actions of...

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14 Nov TRX Suspension Trainer Roll Out

The athletic and general population must recognize the importance of developing the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. The L-P-H (lumbo-pelvic-hip) complex commonly referred to as the core is integral in postural positioning, efficient human movement on a daily basis, execution of athletic actions in sports, and general injury prevention. One must recognize a large contingent of "mis-information" is present directing individuals in the execution of "core exercises" which are in general not conducive in the development of the core musculature. First and foremost athletes...

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01 Nov Training Principles for Sport

The development of the kinetic chain for sport requires adhering to specified training principles and underlying concepts. These concepts and principles guide the strength coach, athlete, and trainer in the development of the kinetic chain appropriately. These principles in conjunction with a structured training template will assist is a systematic approach in the development of the kinetic chain of the athlete for the sport of their choice. Provided below is a series of principles and training concepts pertinent to the...

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12 Oct Single Leg TRX Suspension Trainer Lunge

The overhead throwing and striking athlete participating in baseball, softball, tennis, golf, volleyball, and lacrosse requires the development of lower body strength. The development of functional strength in the lower body allows these athletes to execute the movement patterns of their sport efficiently, allows for the generation of speed, the development of ground reaction forces, the prevention of injury, and general improvement in their sport of choice. What the strength and conditioning coach and athlete must recognize is the development of...

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05 Oct Flexibility Training for the Overhead Throwing and Striking Athlete

The overhead throwing and striking athlete participating in baseball, softball, golf, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, or lacrosse must recognize the importance mobility and flexibility play in these sporting activities. The execution of the athletic actions associated with these sports, the development of speed, and most importantly the reduction in injuries are contingent upon joint mobility and soft tissue flexibility. Recognize the generation of speed, the ability to change directions, and perform a repetitive movement (i.e. pitching motion, tennis serve, golf...

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