Golf Swing 4

17 May Concepts of the Golf Swing for Optimal Performance

It is imperative for the health and fitness professional involved in the sport of golf to have a base understanding of the golf swing. This knowledge base will allow the fitness professional acumen at dissecting physical dysfunctions impeding their golfing client’s success on the course. Not only will it assist in program design and exercise implementation, a sound understanding of golf swing biomechanics will provide the fitness professional a vocabulary by which they can communicate with the golfing client and...

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Golf Fitness Book

14 May Medicine Ball Overhead Throw

The development of power in the kinetic chain is imperative for success on the field of competition. The rotary athlete is required to develop power to throw, hit, sprint, and change direction. A lack of power will decrease the generation of swing speeds, bat speed, clubhead speed, and acceleration. The development of power within the kinetic chain requires specialized exercises developing speed within the neuromuscular system via rapid contraction of muscles fibers. This can be achieved via a number of different...

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Sean Cochran - Junior Golf Exercise Book

13 May Single Leg Dumbbell Dead Lift

The development of single leg strength, hip extension, and the posterior chain is imperative for any athlete. Regardless if you are a golfer, tennis player, baseball, softball, or volleyball athlete the development of lower body strength will invariably improve the athleticism within your sport. What the athlete, trainer, or performance coach must also realize the majority of athletic actions are performed on a single leg. Rarely in sport are athletes utilizing both legs of the lower body equally during competition....

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Medicine Ball Side Throws

15 Apr Standing Medicine Ball Side Throw

Rotary athletes in the sports of baseball, softball, tennis, golf, ice hockey, and volleyball all require the ability to generate power in rotary movement patterns. This allows the athlete to generate speed which is then transferred into the bat, club, ball, or puck. Improving the rotary power capacities of the kinetic chain will provide the athlete with the opportunity to generate higher rotary speed outputs. Improves Your: Rotary Power Outputs Target Area: Hips and Core Why It's Important: Athletes in rotary sports are...

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Golf Book Shoot #4

14 Apr Goblet Squat Sports Performance Exercise

The rotary athlete in baseball, golf, tennis, softball, or tennis all require lower body strength. Lower body strength creates a base for the development of ground reaction forces, generation of power, and is a base for improvements in quickness, speed, and agility. Developing lower body strength bilaterally and unilaterally is an important segment of an athlete's strength and conditioning program. It is imperative this strength is developed in knee dominant push patterns and hip dominant pull patterns. Improves Your: Lower Body Bilateral...

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Baseball Player Olympic

25 Mar Core Training for the Rotary Athlete

The development of the core is integral to the rotary athlete. Participants in the sports of golf, tennis, baseball, and softball encompass rotary athletic actions where speed and power are generated in the tranverse plane. In order to generate energy, transfer speed efficiently, and maintain the athletic positions required of these sports, it is necessary to develop a core structure with the capacity to execute the aforementioned athletic requirements. The Core The core in the most simplistic terms is a reference to...

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