Golf Book Shoot #4

21 Sep Single Arm Kettle Bell Swing

The development of power is integral in the strength and conditioning program of the overhead throwing and striking ahtlete. The development of speed in throwing and hitting by the baseball, softball, tennis, golf, volleyball, or lacrosse athlete is integral in success during competition. The process of developing the power components of the kinetic chain requires the implementation of specialized exercises within the athlete's strength and conditioning program. The specialized exercises typically classified as Olympic Lifts, Olympic Hybrids, Plyometrics, and certain Kettle...

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TRX Rip Trainer Low Strikes

04 Sep TRX Rip Trainer Low Strikes Performance Exercise

The overhead throwing and striking athlete must recognize the importance of developing the rotary capacities of the kinetic chain. The baseball, softball, tennis player, golfer, volleyball, ice hockey, and lacrosse athlete generate power in a rotational movement pattern. These rotational movement patterns are what elicit bat speed, swing speed, throwing velocities, and serving speeds. In order to accentuate these capacities in addition to executing the base athletic actions within their sports requires anti-rotational and rotational capacities within the kinetic chain. These...

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Cable Press Out

04 Sep Cable Press Out Performance Exercises

The overhead throwing and striking athlete in baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey, and volleyball must recognize the importance of developing the stabilization capacities of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. Recognize the L-P-H Complex commonly referred to as the core is extremely important relative to the athlete maintaining postural positioning, the execute of efficient movement patterns, limit pattern overloads, and the generation of rotational power. One component in the development of the core musculature is the ability to resist rotation commonly referenced as...

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Tennis Hips

29 Aug Hip Mobility for Throwers and Strikers

Are you an athlete participating in golf, baseball, tennis, softball, volleyball, ice hockey, or even lacrosse? If so, the execution of the athletic actions involved in your sport very much entails the hips. The hips are integral in the ability to generate rotary power, maintain postural positioning, execute overhead throwing motions, swinging of the bat, stick, or raquet, changes of direction, and acceleration. Recognize limitations in the hip complex can adversely affect every aspect of the athletic actions in your...

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Cincinnati Reds pitcher Tim Crabbe stretches during spring training baseball practice in Goodyear, Ariz., Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

15 Aug Shoulder Health for the Overhead Throwing and Striking Athlete

The glenohumeral joint receives a great deal of attention in professional baseball, and rightfully so. The pitcher and position player repetitively perform an overhead throwing motion during the course of a game. This repetitive movement is a total body action requiring optimal mobility and stability within the structures associated with the glenohumeral joint. Addressing the shoulder goes beyond the baseball athlete and comprises the tennis player, golfer, lacrosse athlete, quarterback in American football, ice hockey player, and basically any throwing or...

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