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  • Long Drive 2
    Power and Clubhead Speed Development in the Golf Swing

    Power in the most basic of formulas is strength plus speed. It is the combination of these two entities cohesively working together that allows a sprinter to sprint fast, a pitcher to throw hard, and a golfer to swing with power. The scientific definition of power states it is the ability to generate the greatest amount of force in a short amount of time. (Vladimir Zatsiorosky, Professor Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Pennsylvania State University) Power in the golf......

  • Physio-Ball-Bent-Knee-Back-Press
    Bent Knee Exercise Ball Back Press

    The exercise ball is a staple in my arsenal of training tools for the golfer, baseball player, or any athlete for that matter. This piece of exercise equipment is extremely versatile as it can be used in the development of a number of performance parameters of the kinetic chain such as flexibility, strength, and power. The exercise ball is particularly useful in the development of the core, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. That is why in all of my performance......

  • Rotator-Cuff-2
    The Rotator Cuff and Pitching

    The rotator cuff is referred to frequently at all levels of baseball from the professional ranks down to little league. This anatomical area of the kinetic chain is integral in the throwing motion and the high rate of shoulder injuries in pitchers highlights the importance of injury preventative modalities for the rotator cuff. Introduction The rotator cuff is a unit comprised of four muscles located in the shoulder area of the upper torso. It consists of four separate muscles which......