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  • Adam Carr washington nationals baseball pitcher while in minor leagues taken at the Phitz 5/26/08 He is a prospect playing in the Class A Carolina League
    Strength and Conditioning Guidelines for Pitchers

    Increasing velocity, the ability to pitch every fifth day, and how to avoid the “DL” are all questions ask by the MLB pitcher. Today’s baseball players in general are stronger, quicker, and more powerful than players even a decade ago. The workloads are high on the pitcher, the number of pitches thrown from the days of little league to the big leagues are greater, and the number of arm injuries appears to have increased dramatically at every level of the......

  • Posterior Shoulder Capsule Stretch
    Posterior Shoulder Capsule Stretch

    Developing joint range of motion and soft tissue extensibility is imperative for optimal functioning of the kinetic chain. Limitations in joint mobility are often linked to a lack of extensibility of the soft tissues surrounding a specified joint. The result of soft tissue limitations is a corresponding lack of range of motion in the associated joint. Review of research provided by physical therapist Gray Cook and strength coach Mike Boyle we are aware of the mobility/stability pattern of human movement......

  • Golf Book Shoot #4
    Kettle Bell Wind Mill Performance Exercise

    The L-P-H commonly referred to as the “core” encapsulates  all the articulate and soft tissue structures on the anterior, posterior, and lateral sections of the torso. This section of the kinetic chain includes the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (L-P-H) and muscle groups such as the abdominals, obliques, erector spinae, glutes, adductors, abductors, and hamstring complex. Collectively these structures are responsible for a number of functions in the kinetic chain. These functions include; Postural control, assistance in optimal joint functioning, efficient transfer of......