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  • Athlete Warm Up
    Mobility Training Programs for Sports Performance

    Performance training for the athlete requires a comprehensive approach to mobility training for each joint within the kinetic chain. A review of the Mobility/Stability Pattern of Human Movement indicates the ankle, hip, thoracic spine, gleno-humeral, and wrist joints require large ranges of motion in order for optimal movement during athletic performance. As a result, the strength and conditioning coach should look to develop a mobility program incorporating a multifaceted series of exercises and modalities to develop the range of motion......

  • Piriformis Stretch
    Figure Four Piriformis Stretch

    Extensibility of the soft tissue surrounding the hips allows for this joint to move through a large range of motion. The hip is a classified as a ball and socket joint allowing for this joint to perform operate in the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes of motion. Limitation to the extensibility of the soft tissues surrounding the hips can limit the ranges of motion the hip is capable to move through in the aforementioned movement planes. These limitations lead to......

  • Mountain Climber with Bosu Ball
    Bosu Ball Mountain Climber with Rotation

    The ability of the core to efficiently transfer energy through the kinetic chain, generate power, and maintain postural positioning during athletic actions requires segmental stabilization. Segmental stabilization is the ability of any system to remain unchanged or aligned in the presence of outside forces. Segmental stabilization is contingent upon strength development within the muscular system and efficiency within the neural system. It is the combination of these two physical components which allow for the kinetic chain to achieve the aforementioned......