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  • Sean Cochran - Junior Golf Exercise Book
    Glute Foam Roll Sports Performance Exercise

    Mobility in the kinetic chain is imperative for optimal performance, proper functioning of the kinetic chain, and the reduction in the potential of injury. If limitations exist in terms of joint mobility due to soft tissue tightness, the ability for a joint to move through its’ intended range of motion will most likely be impeded. In order to improve joint range of motion, remove dysfunction from the kinetic chain, and provide a foundation for efficient movement patterns, a three step......

  • Golf Fitness
    Kettle Bell Dead Lift Performance Exercise

    The kinetic chain of the athlete operates as a unit to generate speed, change direction, sprint, throw, hit, or run. Recognizing this base element of sports performance it is necessary for the athlete or coach to develop the kinetic chain as a unit. Utilizing this principle in sports performance training provides the opportunity of the programming to create a transfer of training effect onto the field of competition. If the athlete utilizes isolated, non-functional, and uni-planar training in the majority......

  • T-Rotaion Push Up
    T-Rotation Push Up Performance Exercise

    The rotary athlete competing in baseball, softball, tennis, golf, ice hockey, or lacrosse must recognize the importance of developing the strength parameters of the kinetic chain. It is important to recognize the body functions as a unit to execute athletic actions. As a result, developing the strength parameters of the neuromuscular system requires integrating the kinetic chain. The integration of the kinetic chain can be challenging as it pertains to the development of strength within the neuromuscular system. The exercises......