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  • Sean Cochran - Junior Golf Exercise Book
    Single Leg Box Jump Performance Exercise

    The development of power is integral in the strength and conditioning program of the athlete. A variety of different training modalities can be utilized in the development of the power capacities within the kinetic chain. Typically we can classify power training modalities into two categories: 1) Olympic Lifting and 2) Plyometrics. Olympic Lifting incorporates the utilization of the traditional Olympic weightlifting exercises the snatch and clean and jerk. Hybrids of these two basic lifts can also be included in this......

  • MB Chop Throws Finish
    Medicine Ball Chop Throw Performance Exercise

    The development of power in the transverse plane is very important for the rotary based athlete. The baseball, softball, golf, tennis, volleyball, and ice hockey athlete generate speed in a rotary pattern. The rotary speed developed by the kinetic chain in conjunction with speed from the biomechanics of the athletic actions of the sport are transferred into club, stick, ball, or racquet. The summation of these forces will dictate the amount of speed the athlete generates during competition. The strength......

  • Adam Carr washington nationals baseball pitcher while in minor leagues taken at the Phitz 5/26/08 He is a prospect playing in the Class A Carolina League
    Strength and Conditioning Guidelines for Pitchers

    Increasing velocity, the ability to pitch every fifth day, and how to avoid the “DL” are all questions ask by the MLB pitcher. Today’s baseball players in general are stronger, quicker, and more powerful than players even a decade ago. The workloads are high on the pitcher, the number of pitches thrown from the days of little league to the big leagues are greater, and the number of arm injuries appears to have increased dramatically at every level of the......