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  • Baseball Player 2
    Power Training for the Sport of Baseball

    Power in the most basic of formulas is strength plus speed. It is the combination of these two entities cohesively working together that allows a sprinter to sprint fast, a pitcher to throw hard, and a hitter to swing with power. The scientific definition of power states it is the ability to generate the greatest amount of force in a short amount of time. (Vladimir Zatsiorosky, Professor Department of Exercise and Sport Science, Pennsylvania State University) Quite often when the......

  • Sean Cochran - Junior Golf Exercise Book
    Bent Knee Leg Swings Sports Performance Exercise

    The ability of the rotary athlete to move through the transverse plane movement patterns associated with their sport is integral. In order for the athlete to complete these rotary based movement patterns it is necessary for large range of motions to be achieved by the hips. The process by which the athlete can develop and maintain these ranges of motion is via the utilization of modalities such as self myofascial release exercises, static stretching, and dynamic mobility exercises. Why It’s......

  • Sean Cochran - Junior Golf Exercise Book
    Hip Flexor Foam Roll Sports Performance Exercise

    Hip mobility is imperative for optimal performance of the rotary athlete. Limitations in mobility of the ball and socket joint of the hip can impede performance of the throwing and striking athlete. In order for optimal mobility of the hip to occur, extensibility of the soft tissues surrounding this joint must be present. Why It’s Important: Extensibility in the soft tissues surrounding the hip provide the opportunity of this joint to move through the required ranges of motion of the......