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Sean Cochran Sports Performance Training – Elite training for the professional to amateur athlete in golf, baseball, softball, tennis, and football
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  • Dramatic Swing
    Strength and Conditioning Programs for the Sport of Golf

    Execution of a proficient golf swing requires the development of certain physical parameters within the kinetic chain. This allows the golfer athlete to maintain the required postural positions associated with the golf swing, execute the athletic actions of the swing in the correct order with timing, and generate speed into the impact position. A key component of the development of strength and conditioning programs for the golfer athlete is the principle of cross-specificity. Cross-Specificity Training The concept of cross-specificity training......

  • Sean Cochran - Junior Golf Exercise Book
    IT Band Foam Roll Performance Exercise

    Soft tissue extensibility is a key component of proper kinetic chain functioning. Professional, amateur, and recreational athlete’s require certain levels of joint mobility and soft tissue extensibility in order to perform athletic actions efficiently in their chosen sport. One component in the maintenance and development of soft tissue extensibility is self myofascial release techniques. This type of modality utilizes a foam roller, stick, or massage ball during the execution of these exercise types. These types of modalities address two components......

  • Tubing Press
    Tubing Press Sports Performance Exercise

    Athletes in all sports require varying levels of upper body strength for optimal performance. The development of upper body strength for the athlete is based upon utilizing exercising addressing what is termed upper body push and pull strength in both horizontal and vertical patterns. Upper body strength is imperative for athletes for a number of reasons. At the base of these reasons is the ability to execute athletic actions efficiently and generate power. Poor upper body strength in contact sports......