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  • Baseball Player Olympic
    Core Training for the Rotary Athlete

    Introduction The development of the core is integral to the rotary athlete. Participants in the sports of golf, tennis, baseball, and softball encompass rotary athletic actions where speed and power are generated in the tranverse plane. In order to generate energy, transfer speed efficiently, and maintain the athletic positions required of these sports, it is necessary to develop a core structure with the capacity to execute the aforementioned athletic requirements. The Core The core in the most simplistic terms is......

  • Wall Angels 3
    Wall Angles Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercise

    Mobility within the kinetic chain allows the athlete to perform athletic activities efficiently and with optimal levels of speed and power. Limitations in the mobility parameters of the kinetic chain can adversely affect the athlete, place undo levels of stress on the body, increase the potential for injury, and reduce performance. Improves Your: Thoracic Spine Mobility Target Area: Thoracic Spine Why It’s Important: The thoracic spine is a section of the spine located between the shoulder blades. This segment of......

  • Kneeling Hip Flexor Press
    Kneeling Hip Flexor Dynamic Flexibility Exercise

    Soft tissue extensibility, joint range of motion, and muscular activation are three very important components in the execution of athletic activities. Optimal levels of soft tissue extensibility and joint range of motion allow for the required levels of mobility for sports performance activities. Muscular activation assists with the kinetic chain in executing the proper firing sequences for efficient movement patterns. A comprehensive strength and conditioning program will have modalities focused on developing these physical parameters within the human body. Why......